Friday, February 8, 2013


I have heard of many authors who framed their rejection letters.  But I have to say, when I first heard this, I didn't get it.  To me, a rejection letter would feel like, well, a REJECTION! 

And nothing about that sounds frame-worthy!

But, after sending out my manuscript out to many publishers, I am on the other side of rejection letters and, now, I better understand!

Because, believe it or not, I think every one of the rejection letters I received is truly a gift.

cried and felt completely vulnerable and utterly rejected each time I received one.

And, I had an overwhelming sense of disappointment and failure.

And, I put the book away (many times) and thought that, "perhaps it wasn't anything special anyway"

I doubted myself, my abilities, and my dream.
and all of that sucked!

But, each rejection gave me a place to pause and truly think about my book.

I read the feedback (when there was some). 
Much of it stung.
Some of it felt completely wrong.
Some did not.

But, I considered it all.

And, I made some changes - which improved my which I am grateful for.

But, mostly, I became clear.
Clear about what my book is about.
Clear about what, about my book, I am not willing to change.
And, clear about the message I want to convey.

This clarity is the gift of those rejections letters. 

And for that, I am grateful!


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